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            What is RSS

            RSS is a convenient tool designed for sharing web contents and is usually used in the news-related sites or sites publishing information and news, such as blogs. A new feed may include complete news or only brief introduction. Readers can get all the information through the item links downloaded through RSS reader software, without opening the webs.

            How does RSS work

            Users of IE7.0 can download and install a third-party RSS news reader, and subscribe for favorite news contents from the aggregation news list.After subscribing, news will be delivered in automatically from the websites as they are updated.

            Properties of RSS news reader

            a. There are no advertisements or pictures to affect the reading of the titles or articles.
            b, RSS reader will upgrade the subscribed web contents automatically and provide users with timely news.
            c. Users can subscribe to several RSS feeds from multiple resources to collect news, and all the contents is then integrated into a single data flow.

            Download RSS Reader
            For the convenience of website users, PetroChina now provides the RSS news aggregation service. By subscribing to favorite column links in IE7.0 or by installing RSS readers, online users can get the updates automatically and stay informed with the news as they are announced.

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